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We partner and work alongside

Experts in their fields.

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All Made With Moxie.




Definition: “/ˈmɒksi/ noun, informal force of character, determination, or nerve.

After over a decade working in large scale events and digital, it was obvious there was a disconnect between marketing and execution that brought about commercial outcomes.

We knew there was a better way…

So we threw out the rulebook on how marketing should run and built an agency that creates bespoke campaigns that combine marketing, sales and digital that help to grow your business.

Mariella Mejia

Founder & Director


Mariella organised her first event in her parent’s backyard… while they were away. 100 guests and three bands later, this event placed Mariella’s career firmly in marketing.


Over the coming years Mariella organised events internally and externally for clients such as John Wiley & SonsThe National Heart Foundation, Chemical Engineers Australia and the Victorian Tourism Industry Council.


With a deep interest in how digital and real life intersect, Mariella made the jump to digital in the United Kingdom working within a consultancy that built apps and also owned a radio station.


Over the last decade Mariella’s career has involved building communities, growing businesses, selling out events and consulting with businesses to help them grow across Australia, New Zealand, USA and the UK.


To date Mariella’s parents still don’t know about that party…